I guess this doesn’t count as liveblogging today, since it’s something that happened before I left for Paris but forgot to post at the time. Boo. Anyway, your Intermittent Dose of Things My Yoga Instructor Said Today will be unfortunately interrupted by about a month and a half of laziness/business/excuses. In its stead I bring you this replacement:

Things My Cooter Waxer Said Today:

“Oh, my!”
“How long as it been since last time??? …No, it has been longer, I think.”
“The longer you wait, the more it hurts. This will hurt.”
“Why did you wait so long?” [I sheepishly informed her that my boyfriend had been out of town.] “You don’t want to keep CLEAN?”
“Okay, this will be the most painful part.”
“Well, wait, this will hurt, too.”
“Here, hold this.” ["This" referred to a part of my own body.]
[While threading my upper lip:] “Which one hurts more?” [I give my answer – it was the threading, incidentally, though I don't imagine it mattered.] “HAHAHAHAHAHA! Yessssss!