I know nobody comes here for my political insight or whatever, but I really want to say this out loud: SOMETIMES PEOPLE TAKE THE PILL ONLY SO THAT THEY WON’T HAVE BABIES, AND THAT’S OKAY, TOO. I just read this, which is great and all, but I hate that this is how the debate is having to be framed! “Insurance companies should cover women’s birth control because lots of women use it for things other than birth control.” Fine, true, but NOT THE FUCKING POINT. The point is: many more women use birth control for birth control and this is ALSO a totally acceptable and valid medical reason to use birth control, and your employer should not be allowed to tell you whether or not you can use birth control for ANY reason, including that one!

And frankly, you know what? Here’s some information about my cooter that no one asked for: Sometimes, I am one of those women who uses birth control for NON-birth control related reasons. And furthermore, because I was unemployed for a while there, I had a lapse in my insurance, and I officially had to STOP taking birth control because I could not afford it! So I fit into all of these nice story-telling categories, but you know what? IT DOESN’T FUCKING MATTER. It doesn’t matter if I’m rich, it doesn’t matter if I’m boning everyone I see, all the time. It doesn’t matter if I’m rich BECAUSE I’m a very busy literal working prostitute! Birth control is a legal, safe, common medical device and IT IS NONE OF MY EMPLOYER’S FUCKING BUSINESS WHAT MEDICINE I TAKE.

Birth control, used as birth control, is a personal medical decision, and is no more morally debatable than birth control used as tumor control or migraine control or fibroid control or IVF control or pimple control or any other reason people use it. And saying that an employer can dictate MY actions because of THEIR religious beliefs is so mind-bogglingly antithetical to everything…ever…that I cannot even form rational sentences.

(Side-note: WTF! I tend to forget that not everyone in the world is an atheist. God is weird.)

My stomach literally hurts right now. Why are we fucking talking about birth control in 2012, like it’s fucking controversial?? This is SO STUPID I can’t deal with it. I feel like I felt both times W got elected: that this is so fucking idiotic that I can’t believe it’s happening. I was SO SURE he was going to get defeated both times, because, Jesus, how could he NOT? And now I feel the same way about this and I’m just astounded that this is a thing at all. It’s SO STUPID. God, REALLY it’s stupid on the part of all these dudes insulting the LITERALLY 99% of women in America who have used birth control. How can these people genuinely believe they’re going to get reelected after calling 99% of 50% of the people who could vote for them sluts at worst, or just too fucking stupid to make a personal medical decision at best?

Meanwhile, Obama’s got this shit wrapped up – just started his own Pinterest account, thank you very much ladies, you can just pile your votes up right here next to my recipe for red white and blue cupcakes and this photo of me whispering something sexy into my beloved wife’s ear.

Okay…actually…looking at photos of Obama has calmed me down a bit.



  1. Eily’s avatar

    YES. Amen. Exactly.

    Related: why was the entire discussion about the Limbaugh/Fluke dust-up centered around how she’s really not a slut? It shouldn’t matter if she was a virgin or a total ho. Unless our rallying cry became “birth control for the pure!” at some point, and I missed it.

    Also related: I literally laugh out loud every time I hear someone say abortion should not be used as birth control. It’s SOLE PURPOSE is as birth control. It is the ultimate controller of birth.

    Ahem. Steps off soap box. On the other hand, the fact that this is a thing might just wake up normal middle-of-the-road women who have somehow still been voting Republican. Or maybe normal middle-of-the-road women who think things like birth control are a forgone conclusion might actually go vote now that it’s being called into question. Who says I’m not an optimist?

  2. shena’s avatar

    Nothing to add, just hearty agreement.