in case you’re at my apartment when there’s a fire…

I just bought a new external hard drive. My computer has been dead/dying for like a year or so now. I basically haven’t used it at all since before I moved to this new place. It’s not a TERRIBLE tradgedy if it never works again – I have it entirely backed up on a different external hard drive. But…I dunno. Buying a new computer. You know. So I’ve been putting it off by just taking home the work laptop every evening, which I’m sure is wildly against regulation (and I’m SO GODDAMN PARANOID that my purse is going to get snatched with it in there someday). Though, honestly, the most nerve-wracking thing about it is either not having anywhere to save stuff, or having to save stuff on the work computer (where students or someone might find it, or where, if I storm out one day in a victorious rage, I might remember later that day that I’ve left it…). So, yay, today I got a new external hard drive, and uploaded all the photos that have been hidden deep within the bowels of the “PowerPoint Script Menu Items” folder for six months, and all the photos that have just been living on my cameras’ memory cards. Turns out I take a shitload of photos; who knew.

So yeah. Now there’s this tiny little mini-Moleskine-sized piece of plastic that I’m suddenly having to guard with my life. It’s freaking me out. (Though I’m always this way around new electronics…when I got my first “nice” digital camera, I suggested renter’s insurance for the first time in my life.)

So. If you’re ever house-sitting for me and the place catches on fire, you need to save:

1. 2 cats
2. 2 external hard drives
3. 2 turtles

(No offense to the turtles for being #3, but…I mean…they’re turtles, you know.) And if it’s just a little fire, and you’ve got some time?

3. My daily cartoon diaries (I’m almost done with my second one and just bought a new blank one for 2013! I kind of can’t believe I’ve kept it up this long.)
4. My pretty rhinestone necklace of no sentimental value and which I never wear, but which I really really like
5. The entire top two shelves’ worth of books from my blue bookshelf (my collection of my and my friends’ published writing, my collectible books, my sentimental books)
6. Beam Up Dog
7. My fake Miu Miu heels
8. Whatever beer you can grab out of the fridge
9. Chris

  1. Chris’s avatar

    If you save me before you save some beer, I will buy you beer in repayment.

  2. Shena’s avatar

    I was going to say, Chris, how do you feel about being last? I mean, at least you’re on the list…