i believe in the biz, they call this a “craftfail.”

Boooooo, ugly old skirt found in the back of my dresser, which was always sort of too long, and is now all pilly and stretched-out and too big, too.

 photo DSCN2646_zps6fda4b75.jpg

I know! I shall TRANSFORM THEE!! Using only the powers of my imagination and my Brother XL-2600, I will render thee…

An ugly old dress which is somehow simultaneously slutty and dumpy.

 photo DSCN2655_zps24cf569e.jpg

This is my impression of kinderwhore-era Courtney Love, if she were also a librarian grandma who made her own clothes out of ugly old stretched-out pilly skirts, and also she did not know how to pose for a picture, and also she just heard a mysterious thud-and-panicked-skitter noise in her bedroom and was about to go see if either of her cats was dead but then the shutter went off.

Eh…and THEN I was going to dress up with ratted hair and a tiara and smeared red lipstick and take a photo of me posing with my little orange guitar there for that? But…that seemed like a lot of work, and kind of mess, and I just took a shower, so…I’m not going to do that after all. Instead, here’s someone else pretending to be Courtney Love, because, shrug:

 photo courtneykurt_zps690175a1.jpg

Also, Chris pointed out to me that there was a giant hole in the back. WELL I WOULD LIKE TO POINT OUT TO CHRIS THAT HE’S A BIG MEANIE and that also if Chris would just steal me a dang old copy of Photoshop already then I could have deleted those weird lines where my bra is kind of showing through, COULDN’T I???

So, uh. Anybody want this dress? I can fix the hole in the back? I can’t much fix the general sadness/ugliness.


Okay, but then I did it anyway:

 photo DSCN2658_zps307797b2.jpg

 photo DSCN2659_zpsc8870263.jpg

My turtles did NOT appreciate this photoshoot, with all the jumping around right beside their tank and whatnot. Also, full disclosure: I was actually singing this song in those photos, not Hole. I never got that much into Hole?

Why haven’t I bought myself a new goddamn tiara yet already???

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  1. shena’s avatar

    That dress looks really comfy, though. Good for wearing around the house?

  2. Meredith’s avatar

    What happened to the old tiara?

    And can the dress be cut down now and re-purposed again into a frumpy tank top??