yay mta!

What a nice, accidentally pleasant morning I just had!

I usually take the local 1 train to 116th St to get to work, but the 123 line was messed up this morning. Or, at least, that was the announcement they were giving us at Times Square – but it seemed fine to me! I got on an express 3 to 96th, and then transferred to the local 1, just like I always do. …Except, oh right, it was an express, which had just stopped on the local track at 96th? Or something? It stopped at the same-named streets as the one I usually take, but the stations looked DIFFERENT!! It was disorienting! And I was still able to get off at something called “116th Street,” but it was a DIFFERENT 116th Street!! Or at least one slightly farther east! WEEEEIIIRD!

So I started walking. There was a guy on a unicycle! And he was chatting with a traffic cop! It was like a kids’ book. And for some reason, there seem to be massive herds of pigeons in Harlem that don’t exist on the Upper West Side. And I walked past Make My Cake and the Harlem Tavern, which are these places I only ever usually see from the bus when I’m going to DC or Providence or somewhere. And it was sunny and pleasant and warm but not superhot, and I was wearing a very cute dress I had made myself. And then I saw a buddy! And he was walking in the other direction and he was all dressed nice for a thing at school he had to do and looked very handsome and he’s a hugger, so I got a hug from a handsome guy right in the middle of the sidewalk in my cute dress. And he was all, “Hey! You’re going in the wrong direction! Work is that way!” And I said, “Oh, no! Really? I thought it was this way!” And he said, “Hey way! You’re right!” And I was! And I was so proud of myself for having been going in the right direction! So he turned around and we both started walking in the right direction. And we chatted and that was pleasant, and then we came to Morningside Park, and there are these weird massive flights of stairs you have to go up to get across it, and it’s all VERY pretty, and I didn’t get too winded because I totally do not smoke and that was nice. And it’s weird to see a slightly different view of the things you see every day? Coming down the path into campus from the other side was weird and pretty, and the law school building has a weird pretty green balcony thing that I’d never noticed before. And the buddy said he was running almost-late for his meeting and he was happy I’d turned him around in the right direction or he would have been late and I was super happy too! And then we talked about how much stop-and-frisk sucks? Which I guess was less happy. And then we talked about how these fountains look like penises. And they did!

And it was super nice! I like New York! Sometimes it’s awesome when the MTA effs up! The end; yay!