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Hm. Google image searches for “a very distinguished literary writer” aren’t as great as I would have hoped, as far as illustrating this post goes. I think…I’m pretty sure that’s Tina Fey in the very second hit. Not that – you know, I mean, I’m not knocking her. I’m just saying. I was expecting more this:

 photo foucault-m_zpsebe84a1b.jpg

than this:

 photo tinafey_zpsdff2a5fe.jpg

God, Foucault is just the most photogenic asshole, though, right? Dude knew how to take an author photo.

 photo foucoult_zpscdf6fa81.jpg

 photo foucault_zps781a13eb.jpg

 photo foucault1_zps01d220f7.jpg

Also, turns out it was Mary Karr, anyway.

 photo marykarr_zpsbf105cf3.jpg



I am reading a story tomorrow! In front of people! It’s my second time! I bought shoes. There will be drinks and pizza, because that’s how all the best very distinguished literary writers get people to come to their readings. The NYPL did a thing I think last year? With like Juno[T] Diaz interviewing Toni Morrison or something? And we were all: “EMFFPH.” And then the NYPL was all: “Free pizza! Ice cream party! Finalz breaaaaaaak!” And then we were all, “Okay, but I gotta cut out early because Ink Master is on,” and it was, but it was the season where Tatu Baby almost won, so, like, really it didn’t even matter; we weren’t really even watching it.

I’m nerrrrrrvous.

I like the story, though. I write good stuff sometimes. You should check it out. Juno[T] wants to interview me.


  1. jessica formerly g’s avatar

    Pro tip: It’s Juno Diaz. :) Congrats on the reading!

  2. jessica formerly g’s avatar

    JunoT…. JUNOT

  3. Jessica’s avatar

    Ha! Aw, man, I got called out for that by Shena, too! She said she had let it go the first 3 times I did it because she assumed it was a typo, but eventually, she felt she had to let me know. So FIIIIIIINE…editing it now!

    And thanks!!