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I think my cats need new collars. I’m worried that these current leather ones are too heavy or stiff or something, and are rubbing off the hair on their neck? They don’t bother them or hurt them or anything, but it bends the hair at weird angles sometimes or something? Anyway, I’m thinking about new collars! But they’re sort of WEIRDLY expensive (…Well. Okay, so I don’t want to pay anything out of the single-digits for a collar, let’s say.), and also BORING. Like, shouldn’t Etsy have a bunch of super-rad / hilarious cat collars available? But they’re all BORING.

So tl;dr: Find me some cute cat collars and send me links.

Also, yes, duh, I know, this post OBVIOUSLY should have had a bunch of cat pictures in it, but you know what? Sometimes I’m too busy to take cat pictures for you demanding fools, okay!?

Well. Yeah, no I’m not. Here:

 photo 2014-02-16180918-2_zpsd77ea9db.jpg

 photo 2014-02-16180913_zps274b4e3b.jpg


See, the thing is, Erwin secretly luuurrrrrves Digby. He pretends he’s a jerk, but he always wants to smooch on her and hold her hand.

 photo 2013-10-09071452_zps8c9999be.jpg

 photo 2014-02-17064345_zps88c81ad1.jpg

But Digby only lurves to read.

 photo 2013-10-15004145_zpsf513d050.jpg

 photo 2013-11-02234902_zps68b5bf45.jpg

 photo e67e7a04-beed-4688-b827-ac2c33886f98_zpsd8ac47a6.jpg

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  1. shena’s avatar

    These are excellent cat photos.