Hey guys! I wrote a tutorial!


1. I don’t know.

  1. Shena’s avatar

    How did it taste?

  2. Isley’s avatar

    Did you just throw the cookie sheet away after that?

  3. Jessica’s avatar

    Actually…it tasted okay. The burned bits were by far the best-tasting part, so I think when I try it again I definitely either need to cook the whole thing longer or at least finish it off for the last few minutes under the broiler or something. In addition to, you know…fixing the other stuff that went wrong there. Though admittedly, I wanted it to taste like creme-brulee-slash-heaven, and it wasn’t QUITE as orgasmic as I had anticipated it being. It tasted like…sugar. Sugary milky custard? The burned bits tasted like carmelized sugar / creme brulee.

    And NO, thank you very much, I did NOT throw that pan away. That shit is WELL-SEASONED, dude!